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Student at maritime faculty, seafarer since born, OOW in the future.

Welcome to my personal Website. With this project, my goals are to improve my English and maritime skills. My contents are mostly in the Turkish language. Most of the contents include my own knowledge and researches from English-language sources. It’s a kind of hobby for me. I adopt seafaring not only as a profession but as a lifestyle. Simply put, my future goal is to earn experience from every continent and every ocean.







Deck Cadet — April 2022 – September 2022 — BESIKTAS KAZAKHSTAN (169.000 DWT CAPESIZE BULK CARRIER)


University of Split
(2020 – 2021)
Erasmus exchange student in one of the best places in the World.

Adriatic Sea, check ✓

Karadeniz Technical University
Maritime Transportation and Management student. AKA Nautical Department.

Black Sea, check ✓

Seefahrtschule Cuxhaven
(2017 – 2017)
Deck Department. Erasmus student in high school, just for BRM course. Germany; my childhood dream and one of the countries I want to live in. Deutschland!

North Sea, check ✓

Ortaköy Maritime College
(2014 – 2018)
Deck Department. Such a history! I’m very lucky because I started my maritime education in heart of maritime. When Ottoman Empire constructed this building in 1867, it was part of the Çırağan palace. Maritime education has been given in this building since 1928. In 1982, they moved this education to Tuzla as part of Istanbul Technical University. So, this building is a high school for 39 years. We’re still graduating well-appointed mariners for long years. I am proud of being part. We’re located near the Bosphorus, middle of Istanbul, middle of history.

Sea of Marmara and Bosphorus, check ✓

Also I like to travel. I’ve been a lot of part of Turkey.

Meditarranean Sea and Aegean Sea, check ✓

Ortaköy Maritime College

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